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Histroy of AL Furquan

 The school was founded by Ustaz Qomorudeen Abdulazzez. It was created with the sole purpose of teaching the Quran to the people and not to make money ,this was created to touch the life of the rich ,middle class and poor people. The school started fully in 2003 and was established by our Ustaz Qomorudeen Abdulazzez and his brother Shakrulla abdulaziz in Akure, Ondo state. The School started in a three room building after they moved to a 3-bedroom flat close to the former place they stayed, they admitted both male and female students and that was how the Great school started growing the school was basically involved in tahfiz from the start without Western education. The school then moved to a face me and face you house of 30 rooms which was renovated by the school .After a year the school secured a 5 plot of land which was assisted buy a foundation with the power of Allah they built four classroom and a mosque on the land. The Federal government also assisted the school by Building an hostel ,a hall and two furnished classroom. The school moved in by 2015 to the permanent sites which now partakes in Western education, Arabic studies and Tahfiz Al Quran.

To make the children of Islam A reputable scholar of the ummah.


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